# Get access to oktonine

A company representative/employee can create an account in Oktonine by following these steps:

  • As a professional (a company representative), when you come to this page, you need to click on Register.


  • Click on Professionnal


  • Fill the form and search for your company. If your company is not already registered at oktonine, use the last field to put its name.


  • You get a message telling you that your account needs to be validated by Oktonine within 48 hours.


  • At the same time, you will receive an email asking you to verify your email address image

  • Click on Check my Email

  • When your account is validated by oktonine you should receive an email like that : image

Note: If you don't receive any message from us after this delay and if you can't access your account, we invite you to contact us.