# Visualize and manage received challenges from a company

As a teacher or a school's manager, you can receive challenges from companies within two locations:

  • Inside a call: if you published one and if you asked companies to submit their challenges inside it

  • Inside the ProjectStore: If you didn't create a call-for-challenges or if you are looking for public challenges, open to all.

# Visualizing challenges within the Project Store.

On top of your Oktonine space, click on Project Store. You will find all the Public and On-demand challenges, in addition to the private challenges shared with your institution. You can use the filter feature to refine the challenges displaying.


# Visualizing challenges within a call-for-challenges

To visualize the challenges received for each call-for-challenges, go to the Call element of your menu.


By opening a call, you find all the received challenges within the Challenges tab.